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May 25, 2022
Hey all! Today I will be making my ninth “New Skyblock Island” suggestion. This time, it’ll be about adding a new island called “Desert: Part II”. This will be the 2nd time I suggest a continuation of a previous island (the first time being the Bamboo Jungle island suggestion). This will be one of my shorter suggestions. However, if you don’t want to read the whole thread, check out the “summary” section at the bottom of the thread.

Desert Well:
The first thing I suggest is added to this island is a desert well. In desert wells, it is possible to find sus sand, and that would be the case for this island. In my seventh edition of my “New Skyblock Island” suggestion series, I proposed the implementation of sus sand generators. This island would grant another opportunity for players to obtain more sus sand generators. Here’s the link if you’re interested in reading about my previous sus sand generator suggestion:
New Skyblock Island 7th Edition - Overworld: Warm Ocean

The second thing that I recommend be included onto this island are camels. This mob would be very useful for solo or 2-player PvE combat, as very few mobs are able to reach the players when riding the camel due to its size (if you’re curious about how the players would be able to obtain saddles to ride camels, this suggestion would have to be implemented first). Camels are also able to jump quite far. Plus, it is possible to breed camels using cactus, which already exists within Skyblock. I propose camel spawners cost about 50-60 mil/spawner.

The next Mob I think should be added would be the rabbit. Rabbits spawn in many biomes throughout Minecraft. Though through my experience in playing Minecraft, I find them most often in desert biomes, and that’s why I think they’d be a good fit for this island. It is possible to breed rabbits using carrots, golden carrots, or dandelions. When killed, rabbits can drop raw rabbit, rabbit hide and rabbit’s foot. Raw rabbit can be cooked and eaten as food. Rabbit hide is quite pointless, as its only use is that 4 rabbit hides can be crafted into one leather. However, the rabbit’s foot is very useful, as it’s what’s used to brew leaping potions! I suggest rabbit spawners cost about 15 mil/spawner.

The final addition I think should be implemented onto this island would be Husks. Husks are basically just a desert version of zombies, except when you’re attacked by them they will also inflict 30 seconds of a hunger effect. I suggest Husk spawners cost about 20-25 mil/spawner.

There are many potential quests for this island, including:
  • Breed _ camels using cactus
  • Ride camels for _ amount of time
  • Breed _ rabbits
  • Cook _ raw rabbit
  • Collect _ rabbit hide and _ rabbit’s foot
  • Brew _ leaping potions
  • Kill _ Husks
  • Kill _ tough Husks and drink 100 milk to cure hunger (this quest would be extremely similar to “Venom & Vitality” where you must drink milk 100 times to cure poison from Cave Spiders).
In today’s “New Skyblock Island” suggestion, I discuss implementing a 2nd Desert island. This island would contain a desert well which would contain more sus sand generators. It would also contain 3 mobs : camels (which would be good for 2-player PvE), rabbits (which would be useful for leaping potions), and Husks. All three of these new mobs would come with multiple new quests regarding breeding, killing, cooking, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Skyblock suggestion, it is very appreciated! Feel free to check out my other Skyblock island suggestions using the links at the top of the thread. Remember to react using :agree:, :unsure:, or :disagree:.

- Reesle :D
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May 25, 2022
Would you like to see a 2nd Desert island in Skyblock filled with new mobs, many quests, and a new potion? Make sure to react with :agree:, :unsure:, or :disagree:!

Thank you to those who already reacted :)
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