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Which Gamemodes Would You Like Cubecraft to Add?

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Jan 23, 2021
Bedwars - we have eggwars. End of story

Survival - literally near useless, if survival were to be a thing cubecraft would have to pull a hypixel and do an smp system for a price that undercuts realms

UHC - the game mode has a history here on cubecraft. According to staff cubecraft players just don’t seem interested enough in UHC

Prisons - I personally feel while it would be cool It’s unneeded as we have Skyblock. I had an idea where they could turn the main lobby into like a mini prisons game mode but people didn’t seem to like that idea. I haven’t seen that many people want prisons aside from @InsaneOrbitzz. So yeah, I’d like prisons but I think there are better uses of time


Feb 9, 2021
I get that you are expressing an opinion, but how do you know that for sure?
There are huge assumptions in this but... SG gets 1000 players at peak hours. 650 of them play Duos, the rest play solos. Assuming that 43% of people play on mobile 42% on controller and 15% play on Keyboard and mouse.

That's 150 keyboard players, 420 controller players and 430 mobile players. Plus the fact that server regions exist and 15% of players play on NA.

Now this all still let's games fill in SG. But UHC usually gets half the players of SG. Which means onlt 75 keyboard and mouse players, 210 controller players and 215 mobile players. This is not enough players for solo games to fill and I am being very generous with these numbers. Remember, this is at peak hours. Imagine when the player count is dwindling at 7am BST. That is why UHC is not a viable gamemode.​
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