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Jun 15, 2020
Hi im making some suggestions about the rules of Cubecraft specifically the Discords rules.

First point: Inapropriate names/statuses being mentioned too many times which could cause confusion of the punishment track, evidence:

Rule 4.1 states "Sharing any type of pornographic content is considered a serious offence and is punishable with a permanent ban, this also applies to profile pictures and statuses." and this comes with a punishment track of a permanent ban as siad above in the qoute

(- i think. i am confused as the english isnt very good in this paragraph theres also a T that should have a space between it and the fullstop https://www.cubecraft.net/rules#:~:text=hate speech messages-,.There,-are minors using ,it could be that the comma's are mixed up and its refering to the title or by my understanding of the text its refering to the permanent ban, more clarification would be good.)

I think this should be taken out as there is a specific rule down lower about inapropriate profile pictures and usernames saying "Your Discord profile is visible to every member in our server and that’s why we want to keep our member list and interactions in chat channels a safe place." and with that comes a punishement track of - Inappropriate profile pictures: Warning → 7 days ban → 30 days ban → Permanent ban and a nick for names. with this i believe statuses should be added as it makes more sense to have the rule against statuses, profile pictures and names together

So in short im not sure if inapropriate profile pictures comes with the punishment track of inapropriate langauage and media or a permenant ban or inapropriate usernames/profile pictures. its refered to too much therefor causing some confusion with the punishment tracks

Second point: change back to two warnings for misuse of staff-help and add two warnings for misuse of normal channels

because its so easy to be in a channel on discord by accident and say hi or somthing when your thinking its a different channel, its much easier than knowing your swearing which is the same punishment track, so i think 2 warnings would be good(just add 1 warning before)

often when i see people being warned in staff help or in english general its by accident and they didnt know they were in it

Third point: update a rule on dm hate speech/dm swearing

some staff have different opinions on wether mutual servers are allowed etc is confusing to both staff and members an extra rule for dm advertising + dm hate speech etc would be good

in short:
- Fix the t.
- more clear about pfp's punishment track.
- add an extra warning to misuse of channels (last warning kinda thing).
- update dm hate speech/swearing punishment track + report guidelines (mutuals servers? video evidence? etc etc -same as report guidelines for dm advertising).
- add dm rules - advertising + hate speech
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