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Jul 31, 2020
United States
I’ve been playing cubecraft since 2016 and I’d like to give my opinions.

Cubecraft java is pretty good not much to say about it but bedrock I have a but ton to say about.

It’s really outdated and buggy lets me be real. Remember this is constructive criticism not hate. Bedrock has a bad anticheat and lacks NA servers even though like 45% of bedrock players are from the USA, Canada, Mexico and other countries from the americas like Brazil and Argentina. It’s also understaffed with it only having 10 staff with a total of 50k players. It lacks a map selection which every other server has, so when you want a map you run multiple times in the portal plus sometimes it drops you as soon as you enter a game and you get a free loss.

I really like Cubecraft because it’s community and staff are amazing but these are the things I think could be improved.
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