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  1. V1ndicatør

    Implemented Option to leave teams

    This suggestion is simply to add an option to leave a team in team games. For example, @HackersDontWin likes doing random teams in his private game twitch streams, but now apparently his party members are automatically placed into random teams. Also if you are in a party and it selects your...
  2. V1ndicatør

    Denied Play Again Suggestion

    I am simply suggesting that if you right-click Play Again, it will bring you to the GUI that the NPC of the game brings you too. For example, if you win a game of SkyWars on a good map and want to play that map again without going to the lobby, and have the ability to select maps, you could...
  3. DragonLord

    Web Prefixes and 'Escalated' + 'Implemented' tags

    Heya. Recently prefixes have been introduced on the site which have actually been pretty useful. (Pretty neat addition) Any post that has a prefix to identify what platform it is for that gets 'Escalated' or 'Implemented' loses it's tag and is replaced. After that, you have to guess what area...
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