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  1. Hugius2002

    Parcour Leaderboards/hard maps

    Hey, So currently as I type this post, you need 101 gold medals for the Java parcour leaderboards. This is all easy and medium maps, and on top of that, 8 hard maps. I wondered what hard maps you think are the easiest to get a gold medal on. Currently I have 99 gold medals: - All easy and...
  2. lars.l

    new minegame

    I'm @lars.l with a new game This is a racing game in this game you have to do different things For example, you start the race first, the players have a parcour (with power ups) then an elytra parcour then you will run a tnt run pacour Who is the first to get the best piece of gear the 2nd...
  3. S

    Finish the parcour pls

    When is the parcour/UHC done i want to playyyyyyyy
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