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  1. Priley

    Redstone [Java] Dutudy's Big Brain - Minecraft Animation!

    Worked on this for 45 minutes. Big thanks to @Story for the pixel art animation and sending me all the frames separately so I could convert them to Minecraft blocks! :cool: @Dutudy If the GIF is malfunctioning here, then check it out HERE! ~ Riley
  2. Priley

    Redstone [Java] Custom KOTP map!

    Hello, all! I was working on this project for a while now and it got a bit delayed when I got Designer but I decided to get it over with! I present to you... My own KOTP minigame map (1.14.4)! :D This map features the popular Duel minigame KOTP! You have the freedom to adjust the number of...
  3. Priley

    Redstone [Java] Animated 3D CubeCraft Logo (using Minecraft map art)

    Hello! For the past few weeks, I have been busy creating a multiplayer minigame map. The idea was derived from a popular Duels kit on CubeCraft. Because of that, I decided to credit the server by plopping down an advertisement button with a logo... At first, I just copied the regular, old, 2D...
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