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giga blockwars

  1. Dualninja

    Bedrock Blockwars Deathmatch

    Blockwars Deathmatch Blockwars Deathmatch has recently released as part of the new GIGA update, however the mode has one huge flaw, diamond armour. On the other Blockwars mode, diamond armour is an advantage, but you don't automatically win the game, as the objective isn't tied to kills...
  2. Dualninja

    Bedrock GIGA Blockwars feedback

    GIGA Blockwars I am mainly making this thread as an open discussion on GIGA Blockwars. If you have any ideas not in this post, please post them below. Background GIGA Blockwars is the most unique game on Cubecraft in my opinion, being a 50v50 version of Blockwars. It has both Bridges and CTF...
  3. I

    Bedrock BlockWars When are more Giga maps coming?

    Giga Blockwars is amazing, but it's been out for quite a while now, and I still haven't heard anything about new maps. When are we going to get more maps? We only have one bridges map and two capture the flag? I think a lot of you will agree we need more, I'm not trying to rush anyone, but an...
  4. Casualpoalrbear

    Video I got 52 kills in this one game

    That one death haunts me
  5. Casualpoalrbear

    Video Crazy one heart clutch

    Just watch the first 30 seconds for the thing I'm talking about.
  6. Casualpoalrbear

    Video My teammate tried to troll me it didn't go down so well

    It what the title says this dude was hitting people on his own team off with his fishing rod. Then he get a taste of his own medicine
  7. agatecarrot517

    Bedrock Giga Block Wars: My problem with that

    When playing Block Wars specially CTF when a team gets the diamonds it normally go and atackes the other teams base very close to the spawn point and they start killing everybody with no reason and if you are in the the loser team it can be very annoying because you can do anything My propose...
  8. YourLocalEntity

    Resolved What are the floating people in Giga BlockWars?

    There are lots of floating people around the center-top of the map. I asked what it was and several people responded with different ideas/answers. (Lag, spectators, etc.) What is it? Here is an example of what I'm talking about: I'm not sure whether it's okay to show people's skins or not. Tell...
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