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  1. S

    Bedrock We want UHC game please

    We need UHC in minecraft. Why? Because its a great mini game and we need more games in minecraft bedrock :)
  2. Iamspeed12345

    Bedrock Should add UHC gamemode

    Hi Minecraft UHC is one of the most famous mini games and has been requested by the cubecraft community a lot and I thing it would be awesome if it is added. There are over 30 youtubers that play minecraft UHC but unfortunatly it is extreamly difficult to play UHC in minecraft bedrock and since...
  3. BrandonOmegaXD

    Bedrock New Gamemode Suggestion : UHC

    One Thing I think that would really liven the server up is the inclusion of UHC (Ultra Hardcore) It is a very popular Gamemode and currently none of the other Bedrock Servers have it so it would do wonders for cubecraft to add it in the near future
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