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  1. Patsman

    📈Most Popular CubeCraft Gamemodes

    Monday - 17,500 Players 1. Skyblock - 1,755 Players 2. Eggwars Squads - 1,401 Players 3. Eggwars Doubles - 1,368 Players 4. FFA - 1,273 Players 5. Skywars Solos - 1,159 Players 6. Lucky Islands Squads - 889 Players 7. Skywars Doubles - 862 Players 8. Lucky Islands Solos - 852 Players 9. Duels -...
  2. La J

    Count to 1,000

    Hi Guys! So i wanted to do something nice and decided to bring back the game a guy did here some time ago, the challenge was count to 1,000,000 but i don’t wanna exaggerate so we’re gonna just count to 1,000 (p.s gonna use his same rules so it’s easier for everyone and let’s make this happen...
  3. BurntCrown8876

    Count to... 1?!

    Hey there! You may have played count to 1,000,000, another number, or count till staff interrupts, but have you played count to 1 yet? It's a tricky concept to understand. Basically, you... err... need to... count to one. Good luck folks! This may be hard, but do your best! And remember, God...
  4. ObrigadoADeus

    Reports History

    I know that there’s already a thread of this, but I think that there has to be a count of how many succesful reports you have in-game, because when you want to apply for being Staff they ask you how many successful reports do you have and if you can’t see a count of all of them how do you answer...
  5. DreamFudge

    Kill Count

    Hello everyone, A little idea that I had I hope you all like it and agree with me. In Survival Games, there is a kill count next to each individual player - I'm sure most of you know that. I am a BIG Skywars fan and as I was playing today, I asked myself, why there isn't there a kill count on...
  6. LoonyRules


    I was too lazy to make a longer one and the stats are approximately 90% accurate.
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