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  1. ballonpuma288

    Bedrock All Networks Colony control future?

    Idea for the future of colony control (sorry for my weird english) I'm talking for bedrock I dont know the situtation for Java but it's probably the same. We didn't get colony control last year and it look like we'r not gonna play colony control this year too (judging by how update board...
  2. J

    Bedrock Games

    Where is the colony control mode?
  3. eightyeight_keys

    Bedrock Other Games Make colony control a year round game (Reupload) please read!

    I think Colony Control should be a year round game. Let me explain, and before I get into this its not just me who thinks this. I love this server! So much that I choose to play bedrock edition, and I much MUCH prefer Java, and I made an account on here just so I could post this one forum, or...
  4. firepeashooter1

    Builds Colony control map size

    If I was going to make a idea for a colony control idea map how big would each team side have to be?
  5. L

    These guys are in trouble (Colony Control)

    How it started How it is going How it ended
  6. A

    Resolved Colony control question

    Hey my buddy and I are playing colony control, yes it just released again, and we cannot figure out how to break down buildings. Last time colony control was playable we were able to break buildings with tools by mining them. Now we can only blow them up with tnt. Is this the intention or a bug?
  7. Zathelas

    Present Rush or Colony Control

    What you prefer? In my opinion Present Rush, it was way faster and really original and I was high leaderboard in it. 🤪
  8. M

    Java Bring back Colony Control in Java

    I loved this gamemode, me and a bunch of friends would only play this gamemode on cubecraft. It was very addicting and fun, I want it as a main gamemode please.
  9. LikeADuckyDucky

    Winter Games - I don’t want people to place buildings in other peoples bases (Colony Control)

    When people can place like archery towers in our base or place a walk around the town hall THIS MUST BE FIXED I really don’t like this thing cuz they mined our town hall then we lose immediately Please fix that you can’t place buildings in other peoples bases Reported by Guild1ess -...
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