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    Hello, I'm New Here

    Welcome to the forums! :D
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    Problem with archer tower.

    What do you mean with this? Could you explain your problem a little more please?
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    DUO to lucky blocks greedy team mates and team killers

    Hey! I'm sorry to hear that this happens to you. Please gather video evidence and report it at the following link: If you play bedrock - https://cbecrft.net/BedrockReports/ If you play java - https://reports.cubecraft.net/
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    Parkour idea

    Like mentioned in your other posts. Create suggestions here
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    The End

    Please avoid making duplicate posts. Also, the date this update comes out is private.
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    PvP idea

    Please post suggestions here . Also, about the suggesiton. You can just leave
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    Skyblock idea

    Hey! In the future, please post suggestions here
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    Warm Weather

    1) I personally dislike the hot weather! 2) I just play games and eat ice cream of course 3) I like all kinds of ice cream, I don't know what my favorite one is tho!
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    Warm Weather

    👋 Hey hello! 👋 As some of you might know, there has been very warm weather in the Netherlands the past few days/weeks. I'm not sure how the weather is where you live, but I have a couple questions for all of you! 1) Do you like very high temperatures? ☀️ 2) What do you like to do with hot...
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    Bedrock New game

    I'm sorry, could you explain what micro battles is?
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    Fix your game cubecraft

    Hello, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems on the network. About the bugs, you can gather evidence and report it here (java) or here (bedrock) About the cheaters, you can report them here (java) or here (bedrock) If there is anything else you'd like to see in cubecraft you can...
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    Video New Video 🎉🎂

    happy birthday!
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    pvp FFA not working

    No problem, I just mentioned it to inform you. c:
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    pvp FFA not working

    Pinned message from Hazard (admin) in staff-help (discord): "Our team are currently aware of players experiencing issues with our FFA gamemode with respawning, and kills not counting. We have passed this over for further investigation and hope to have a fix out soon." ~ so they are working on it c:
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    Coding Damage indicator

    Hey! If you are talking about the health indicators (the bar / number with a enemies HP above their head): I don't know what platform you play on, but I can still see it on java. Are you sure you have it enabled? (profile -> settings -> health indicators Also you can post suggestions here .
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