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    [Tower Defense] Ruins

    I like the look of the map from above, but i would love to see this map in more than one angle, it looks pretty cool though
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    Java Improve Giants!

    I completely agree wit InkAsriel & RemRemTheSheepeyy. Giants overall is pretty weak they dont really have any resistances by the time that one is most likely is due to come around, basically due to the meta (in my opinion) of tower placements, Archer, Zeus, and Sorcerer. When those towers are...
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    TD has the nicest community

    Yeah the TD community can be pretty much split down the middle. Either you get some nice people or the rudest, and there is like no in between. I will admit i get pretty annoyed if someone is doing something stupid, and it gets on our nerves, if they dont comply, and if they do and ask how to...
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    Tower Defence needs your suggestions!

    I dont fully agree with this, If you have a coordinated team they can give all the xp to one user and send a really OP mob at the beginning with no chance of counter. I would say have this ability unlock 5 minutes before armageddon as most sides are mostly established at that time
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    Introducing our new Developers - #SPOILERS

    Cool! We got some new developers, by chance can we get one for a Tower Defense Update?
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    Making a large suggestion thread for TD, anyone have ideas that they would like to see in an update?

    https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/tower-defence-needs-your-suggestions.216380/ It was pitched by Cubecraft management and it has yet to be done
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    Profile Picture Swap Bug

    Thanks for the info
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    Profile Picture Swap Bug

    Hello, Yesterday and this morning, I tried swapping my profile picture from this to this: I have tried on 2 different computers, Windows 10 and MacOS 10.14.4. Using Windows Edge (Chromium Based), Firefox, and Safari (Mac Only), and for me, it hasn't successfully changed, it just gets stuck...
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    Tower Defence needs your suggestions!

    I'm going to bounce off of what Sprout just said, PvP is getting a lot of attention as of late, with this page https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/pvp-suggestions-we-need-your-help.250079/ and this page https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/official-give-us-your-ffa-map-suggestions.233114/ At the...
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    Tower Defence needs your suggestions!

    With 1.16 being out now, If anyone is playing on 1.16 in Tower Defense, and if ANYONE sends a pigman, all 1.16 players gets kicked, if I had to assume why, the old Pigman models are gone with 1.16. Pretty game breaking if you asked me
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    Java What makes u quit a game of eggwars the most?

    Honestly, I don't really quit, and when I do it is typically because of latency related problems, and when it isn't that, It is probably due to the match taking way too long. There was one time where a match toke pretty close to 5 hours for me and my friends to complete (and come out...
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    Tower Defence needs your suggestions!

    Very accurate Yeah I was thinking that as well, I forgot to put that in when I made my original post last night (my time), it is very accurate that Quake and Artillery towers should do extra damage to underground troops
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    Tower Defence needs your suggestions!

    Ok honestly, regardless if this gets ported over to Bedrock or not, having underground mobs sounds really good, maybe silverfish (as they are pretty much very useless as of time of making this post). If underground mobs happen, here is some suggestions that I have. Underground mobs pros: Cannot...
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    Serperior Footage

    Serperior Footage
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    Welcome to the new forums

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