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    New Cape OF designs ??

    Special capes were given to 3 people. The graph was given as the user would make graphs for how long it took for updates & such, the one that looks like brackets was given because the user is a moderator for them and I think this is the best one:
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    The Meme Awards 2019

    I really like this, it's great how it all comes together at the end so we can all celebrate the memes together :) Thanks for the mention and heres to more memes next year
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    CCG Memes

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    CCG Memes

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    CCG Memes

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    Escalated Get alerts for edits

    Totally agree!
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    All in all funny here and there but they are probably a young user and saw the staff online...

    All in all funny here and there but they are probably a young user and saw the staff online section so chose one to message but at least Dutudy told him what needs to be done
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    A random stone ranker

    A random stone ranker
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    It's free real estate

    It's free real estate
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    Ok bobbie

    Ok bobbie
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    Banned for no reason.

    I'm sorry but your "cubecraft proof" is a joke because you could have removed everything you didn't want to be seen and then recorded the video so that proves nothing, not saying you were cheating but that does not prove anything.
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    people trash talking sentinel

    Old clients even work on CubeCraft such as ones for 1.11 and I have seen people saying "Sentinel does it's best but its hard for the developer to keep up as there are new clients always being released" so that kinda goes against that saying, I wouldn't say sentinel is bad as if it were removed...
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    BAN not right, cubecraft favouring players?

    You should not have been banned for that video, people can fight one person and it doesn't mean they are teaming.. If the video had shown them"shifting to each other" to get that one person killed then you should have been banned, that wasn't in the video so I see nothing wrong with it In the...
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