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    Team Chat in More Games (Especially Eggwars)

    I think there already is something similar to that in CubeCraft, I only tried it in skywars a while ago. Basically, just add an exclamation mark (!) before your message, and it will be sent generally. No need to do that if you are already dead because your chat will automatically be sent generally.
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    Bedrock Command Suggestion

    I agree with you, it might be easier for players to write it that way, but the main reason I suggested using spaces is for the ease of filtering the player's input, and the gamemodes that include spaces in their names could have a "_" or "-" instead of the space or just "" before and after the...
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    Bedrock Command Suggestion

    Hello everyone! I have been playing CubeCraft on minecraft bedrock edition for a while right now. I have been trying to find commands other than the ones most of us know (/p, /f, /ping,...) recently. I just had a very small idea of a command that will basically queue you into a game of your...
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