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    ⚠️ NOTICE: We're updating our network to 1.12.2!

    Well your server became disgusting now with this closing of 1.8 even more goodbye forever your server sooner or later will close first the hackers and sentinel now there will only be an absurd PVP that they did not learn from 2016?... disgusting server
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    Miner Kit Change

    crrano kchado
  3. RatedManMp46

    I got a 2:22 eggwars solos any% speedrun

    webon serrano resquete kchado p0r b0b kchero
  4. RatedManMp46


    paisano rosquete
  5. RatedManMp46

    Is it wrong that I'm an extremely salty over getting eliminated almost immediately?

    q t4l rosquetes s0m oooh los kcharon ?
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    🛡️ Bedrock: Knockback Test!

    I don't like it because it's just as disgusting as in the hive
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    Bedrock Gifting bundles and other store items

    no revivas un post de mas de 3 semanas que es necropost
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    Bedrock Levels

    hey you can't revive posts from more than 3 weeks ago 😒😒😒
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    Bedrock Justice for mobile players

    unfortunately you can't do this, it doesn't depend on cubecraft it depends on minecraft
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    Introducing Profiles & Black Friday Sale! 🛍️🎉

    the truth seemed like a waste of time because everyone had their statistics in private 😂😂😂
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    Bedrock Add 1.9 on bedrock pls uwu

    no, how disgusting 1.9 due to that version, minecraft and cubecraft went to the ground
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    Bedrock Remove vikings map on skywars Team 2

    If you don't like it, you can put "/ lobby". Ready, what problem are you doing?
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    Armoury Update! - Joins Bedrock & Balancing 🛡️🗡️

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    An update on our infrastructure

    is that the reason why it gave me a lot of lag than normal in CC ??
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