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    Bedrock Bring back the Efficiency X Pickaxe

    I think they should bring it back but as a base kit item its just way too good its makes it so that all you need are blocks and your kit so i think they should buff all the current picks in the should so that you can buy an insta mine pick for 5 gold or something, but with the pick having lower...
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    Detailed reasons y the merge is dumb

    the meta is the exact same just push fast and don't let people get ems just like you wouldn't let them get diamonds and auto-bridgers are still worse than speedbridging
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    Bedrock Food Opening the Shop

    I think the same argument could be said for blocks (like trying to place blocks where the shop is and going into it) and maybe for the pick as well, so I'd say no cuz I'd rather it just be the sword.
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