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    Java Playerbase too dispersed

    I agree it's a niche feature, but I also think it adds to the appeal of a server if there is a larger variety of gamemodes (rather than just solo and teams of 2 or 4).
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    Wing Rush world record cheater

    Well that looks legit
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    Artwork I made an epic and lit cubecraft logo

    People do seem to like minimalism currently..
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    My top 5 texture pack list

    Nice list - I might try some of these later. :)
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    The best 1.9 pvpers of 2019.

    A list like this represents a very small section of good pvp peeps, so y'all don't need to be getting salty over one person's opinion. If you're not on this list, it doesn't make you any less good and it's not an attack if someone doesn't recognise you here. I'm sure everyone here is good at...
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    I'm burning. Hell of a pain.

    Just because a player has a lot of wins, doesn't mean they are more inclined to play fairly... :)
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    I'm burning. Hell of a pain.

    Okay, fair enough then. I just think it would be difficult to implement this feature in a way that prevents people abusing it.
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    I'm burning. Hell of a pain.

    yes, down with the noobs. But, seriously, isn't it a bit unfair to kick someone just because they're not as good as you?
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    Web Better forum member search.

    Yes, give me the ability to stalk the people who kill me. +1 :p
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    Get rid of all the hackers.

    Definitely. I think it would be attractive for developers as well. I do a lot of programming and, if I was making a hacked client, I'd want to test it against Sentinel.
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    Escalated New Spectate System

    Those clickable buttons are what I was referring to. I meant it in terms of efficiency. For me, that's much faster, especially because the internet in my area isn't always the best and the lobbies can be pretty laggy. I agree it's not absolutely necessary, but it would be nice. :)
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    /kill for blockwars

    Seems like a design flaw. The easy solution would be to fill in holes more than 1 block deep, possibly with barrier blocks. The /kill command would definitely be abused. Maybe they could require you to stay idle for 3 or 5 seconds, thus meaning that players in battle can't use the command...
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    KellyBoo exposed

    is it really so bad to post a picture of someone you're a fan of? As long as no-one is impersonating anyone..
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    Escalated New Spectate System

    maybe one of the end slots could have a compass (or whatever) so you easily return to hub or join another game
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    Bedrock Making a sign kicks you in Skywars, What?!

    You need to type the report command on the Java server. This is an interesting glitch, though. I wonder what causes it. :)
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