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    Amazing Map Update!

    Hello Java & Bedrock CubeCrafters! Today we're bringing you another awesome and exciting map update. We've added 6 NEW maps for both our Java & Bedrock network. Some of them are even community made! If you want to learn more about this update, read below! Team SkyWars - Vikings (Teams of 2 -...
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    Majestic MinerWare Update! - New microgames & More!

    Hello CubeCrafters! It's been a while but we are here to announce that we have a MinerWare update for you! This update includes 6 new microgames, 1 new bossgame, 6 new achievements, additions, changes, and fixes! This update is for both Java and Bedrock! NEW MICROGAMES INTRODUCED! Here is a...
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Escalated Kingdom Wars

    I wouldn’t mind coming and testing the gameplay and mechanics one day.
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    Changelog for EggWars Beta v1.0.2 Additions/Changes The 30 block bridger builder has been turned into a 30 block tunnel builder. (This will include walls on the side and a roof above the bridge) Fireball's cooldown has been increased to 30 seconds. 30 block tunnel builder's price has been...
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    Changelog for EggWars Beta v1.0.1 Additions/Changes 5 obsidian is now given instead of 8 on right click in villager shop. 1 minute grace period has been added to bridge builders. The price of 10 Block Bridge Builders have been increased. The Gardens EggWars map has been added to beta. Emerald...
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    EggWars Beta Released!

    Additions Garden map now has an emerald generator and a emerald shop. 26/05/20
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    EggWars Beta Released!

    Changes Buckets are now removed from your inventory after consumption of milk.
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    Java Eggwars beta, question for you all!

    We are always open to suggestions! ;)
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    EggWars Beta Released!

    We are working very hard on making sure that things like that don't happen. The reasoning behind the beta is so that we can go ahead and test everything before it gets put in the main game so that we have happy players and the update is being more community driven. :)
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    EggWars Beta Released!

    Bugs Fixes & Additions Classic shop will no longer bug out and cause prices and item amounts to be negative. The buffer kit icon in the kit selection menu is now the correct splash potion item. Emerald Shop prices are now based on the items vote type rather than being a universal price. 21/05/20
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    Java Eggwars beta, question for you all!

    This is fixed! Voting health options now work correctly.
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    EggWars Beta Released!

    Bugs Fixed Saturation is now completely full upon game start. Health voting options are now given correctly. End of game stats now shown for the winning players as well as eliminated players. Tokens gained from Theft Ability will now stack with the generator tokens. The ability to buy milk in...
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    Introducing the Server Engine Team

    New developers hype!
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    EggWars Beta Released!

    Bugs Fixed The Emerald Shop in the Forest map has been moved out of the tree.
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