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  • Halothe23 I don't know where to post this but, I can't get on the survival sever it keeps kicking me for flying and I'm not :/ please help me
    Wait sorry I tried it lots of times and now it finally works XD sorry to bug you
    @halothe23 I was just wondering, in streams how do you get free ranks and how do you achieve them when u r recording?
    We do random giveaways, that are based in contests (Q/A Or such), or just pure randomness (Hey, I like this guy! I'm gonna give away a rank to him) :)
    Kinda like how jinjo won his iron, lapiz, and gold ranks from the livestreams
    So I think I just got banned from the survival
    I was on the server and someone said hey guys
    we are having a party at plot1000000000;1000000000
    So I went there and then I got kicked.
    Now when I try to join it says: Kicked whilst connecting to
    survival, You are temporarily denied to join this server.
    Do you know when I would be allowed back on?
    I don't think think I did anything wrong.
    Hello, haven't figured out how to send a message so i'll write it here
    I was really happy to unlock HARD in Parkour yesterday but 3 of the 4 stages are not working. I can enter the Rooms but can't enter the actual parkour - can you please fix this?
    The hard parkour is a bit broken, and we are working on it :)
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