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  • my bio is wrong im 13 not 12
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    You can change it by yourself ! How? Let me explain you. Go to your own profile page > then go to "Personal Details" If you scroll down you can see your "Age" / "Date of Birth" Just change that and thats fixed;) Hope I was able to help you.
    Any chance that the server returns to what it was ?

    Create some sort of survey or something ??

    They may realize that most users are not agree with the new update
    hola,llevo baneado 1 casi 1 año quisiera una explicacion a mi motivo de ban ya que no entiendo el motivo "alternate account to:Magazinez
    mi nombre de minecraft:DanielGamer1221
    hello, I took almost one year banned one wanted an explanation why ban me because I do not understand why "alternate account to: Magazinez
    My name minecraft: DanielGamer1221
    no sabe español. (o eso creo)
    hello, good afternoon, found a hacker on cubecraft, I have videos where the player can be banned, cantacte me, I have all the evidence it uses killaura and some hacks, his name is KillerKaan22. I have all provs.Thanks
    Hi. I'm Beau and I am banned on cube craft. How do I get rebannend? A friend of mine has returned postage me in jest. But now I can not play cubecraft anymore. This is actually the only server that I like. The request for appeal is not working.
    I not use hex. Can I get another chance? please help me. Please!!!
    Joe i hoped so much that there would be 75% sale so i can buy Diamond rank for only 25 euros. I don't have that much money that i can just buy DIamond rank for 100 euros or 50 and a server like Hypixel has 85% sale even tough that is crazy. I really hope that there is coming 75% sale at the 1st day of xmas or the 2nd day of xmas. If the English is bad im sorry, im Dutch. CUBECRAFT IS THE BEST SERVER EVER!!!!
    Plz write back- dont know if you deal with this type of thing, but witnessed hacker in an eggwars game, then proceeded to message him and pretend i was interested in hacking as well. I took many screenshots, and he gave me his skype. I was wondering if you would want his skype to pretend you are me, and bust him. Or, would you want me to send you the screenshots.
    hello cube craft ,

    I have a question I 'm a youtuber I have no branch wants done videos with AT chest can you give me YouTuber rank. I can make good videos. minecraft my name is: skulllgamer
    My channel is TheDutchTerms .
    I have 50K Subscribers .
    alvalst thanks.
    You can apply for the youtuber rank here https://yt.cubecraft.net
    You need at least 40k subscribers and at least 4 videos recorded on cubecraft.
    Bro, You are fake! The real DutchTerms has already a Yt rank...
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