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    who r u

    who r u
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    Java KnockBack

    1.8, its weird my hits have a max of 5 reach but everyone else gets crazy 7 blocks on me lol
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    Java KnockBack

    Is it just me or is the knock-back on skywars so much different then any other server?, it seems like i get hit way further even when w-tapping. Anyone else notice this?
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    Escalated Map Selection - Give Players Without a Rank Some Choice Too

    Upvoted i agree with this comment, i don't really use a certain map i always choose random. I feel for most players do the same. And another player mentioned that it takes away the point of the rank and that is true. Players get the perk because of the rank they bought, if they gave it to all...
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    got me there

    got me there
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    Look me in the eyes, girl we are not the same.

    Look me in the eyes, girl we are not the same.
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    Java SG Revival?

    SG will always be an OG i want to see come back.
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    Java SG Revival?

    Since i started playing minecraft i have always liked pvp. Playing McPvP, MCTeams, etc... But i feel like with enough hype we could make Survival Games not so dead. With an MCSG type game but also twists that could possibly bring the game back along the lines of place-able blocks and Cube-Craft...
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    Java 1.8 ASSASINATIONS!!

    We always have room to try -\_(^ ^)_/-, i support it.
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    Java Activity

    I could honestly get behind this idea, +1
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    Skywars moment

    No matter how fast you're clicking you get hit off in three hits with their reach being 7+ blocks :O
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    Players like these...

    Happens all the time :/
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