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    Discord Don't Punish for Discord Invite Links

    It is clearly stated in the rules that its not allowed, I believe it should stay as it is. It is called basic rule following. If someone didnt know about this, they did not read the rules properly and deserve a punishment in my opinion.
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    Java 50 reports for helper

    Ok thanks for the advice @josepadgui imma try to catch more hackers :)
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    Java 50 reports for helper

    50 reports? That just seems way too much to me. Ik most of you guys will disagree with this but I think it would be good just to lower the number a little to give a chance for helper to more players.
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    🙌 Helper Applications - The Reopening!

    Well im not meeting most of the requirements :( ... Is there any set time when applications close?
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    Web Add a bug report counter. (The same as in the reports on the players)

    I agree that adding that would be useful, especially when people are trying to get helper position rn, it would help to keep count of the reports they made
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    Java Sneaking 10 times

    Hi, I believe that this challenge (especially on java) is way too easy. It would be cool if you lost this challenge, Iif you sneaked more than 10 times.
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    Some info about me

    Hello guys, Im called Lucas and Im 15 yrs old. I am playing on cubecraft (java) for a while now, The games I play the most are Skyblock, MInerware, and Lucky Islands. I am happy to be a CubeCraft translator, and I am aiming to become a helper for CubeCraft as well, Unfortunately, I do not meet...
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