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    Forwarded Incentives to stop camping

    this is good
  2. jpts

    Choose One Game For Cubecraft To Add

    Team deathmatch in FFA.
  3. jpts

    Ya boy i got 500 win in skywars

  4. jpts

    Bedrock ASIA REGION

    an asian region will be added at some point most likely
  5. jpts

    All Networks Pride Month Feature

    This would be amazing, but obviously you'll get the haters and the people who will complain. As technosword said, if this happened, they'd probably have to do it for every human right issue.
  6. jpts

    Bedrock Bye...

  7. jpts

    Add bedwars

    play eggwars then
  8. jpts

    Bedrock bedwars

    eggwars is basically bedwars. why would they replace the mode?
  9. jpts

    Introducing the Sentinel Report Command!

    Time for more false bans!
  10. jpts

    Favorite game?

    skywars, duels n eggwars.
  11. jpts

    1.12.2 PvP tips for 1.8 players

    you should try bedrock, as its closer to 1.8
  12. jpts

    Bedrock PvP

    hey ambient
  13. jpts

    Bedrock PvP

    they need to update duels in general. add rods to op uhc, more modes (bridge 1v1, sumo, nodebuff etc) and kit editor
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