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    Behind the Cube #6 - Magic & Mayhem ✨

    Hello fellow CubeCrafters! 👋 Welcome to this new Behind the Cube thread, where we will be talking all about Magic & Mayhem! After the Spring RPG, we learned a lot about what the community wanted to see and we all worked really hard to make this an even better game, with many more things to...
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    🔮 Magic & Mayhem - A Magical RPG Adventure!

    Hey Java & Bedrock CubeCrafters! After months of hard work, and some issues with keeping The Evil Bunny out of our work, we're extremely happy to announce to you guys our newest RPG: Magic & Mayhem! ✨ - Also available in Dutch & Spanish. A very normal universe, consisting of multiple worlds...
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    Spring Art Competition

    Welcome to the Official Spring Art Competition! 🎨 This art competition is all about 'The Evil Bunny' that has appeared on the network, taking over lobbies and vandalizing various locations! Show us what pops into your head when you think about The Evil Bunny and enter now! Prizes 🥳 1st place...
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    Music & You 🎸

    Hey fellow CubeCrafters! ✨ Not too long ago we added another post to the '... & You' series with the 'Mental Health & You' thread (please go check that one out!) We hope the past threads have been able to cheer you up and we want to continue to cheer you guys up. This time I will be making a...
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