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    Forwarded Bedrock The Critical Hit System

    What a way with words
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    Slowly becoming the richest in SkyBlock

    Creeper farms are very good late game, I'm pretty sure they sell 2nd best, for 1,000 coins each while magma cream sell for around 1,100 coins each but creepers/gunpowder can be farmed easier. If creepers are too expensive then get porkchop so have pig fall into lava and stuff, slowly work your...
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    Bedrock New Cubecraft wide longest game record

    Yesterday I posted about the longest Cubecraft BEDROCK Skywars game. I now present the longest Cubecarft skywars game all around! Longer then Java and Bedrock's records! Would have gone longer but a fatal accident happened with the void and a tree. beating the previous record of 228 minutes...
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    Bedrock Longest skywars game bedrock

    I know, it's insane how long we went
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    Bedrock Longest skywars game bedrock

    me and some friends got in a party and just messed around, we filled in the void then we played some games and stuff, we only stopped cause one of them had there power go out D:
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    Bedrock Longest skywars game bedrock

    Longest skywars game in Cubecraft bedrock!
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    CCG Memes

    SL4TES reading this while playing skyblock: -_-
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    YouTubers List - Bedrock

    Could you add mine? I'm a new skywars YouTuber! YouTube Name: Jaydendog77 IGN: Jaydendog77 Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcQh_eCsrL0BkAXqNe4hbAA Subscribers: 400 Rank?: No Live Streams: Yes Location: Canada *Same as SL4TES*
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