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    Video Clutch agains 10 people!

    Clutching a game of eggwars against 10 people!
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    Video SkyWars Highlights | Part 3

    Great stuff man!
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    Video Insane Games!

    New video out!
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    Video How To Play Skywars - Keep_Sm1L1ng

    Great content! Keep up the good work!
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    How big is this change?

    Never seen that before!
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    Java Day/Night/Sunset in lobbys

    I love this idea!
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    Christmas event. (Unofficial)

    Il do my best to be there!
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    Video skywars montage

    Good job!
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    Java Finally

    Congrats on your level 100!
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    Lucky Islands Achievement

    Hello You can report bugs here: https://reports.cubecraft.net/bug_report/ If u don't know ure password anymore u should ask for help in the discord! https://discord.gg/cubecraft
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    Resolved Video

    Hello If u wanna report someone you can do it here: https://reports.cubecraft.net/ Keep in mind you need video evidence if u want to report! Merry Christmas!
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    FFA How?

    Nice stats keep going!
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    LVL 100

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    Layer Spleef 21 Consecutive Wins!

    Hello Great job would like to see more!
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    Resolved Can i get unband

    Hello If u have been banned u should contact the staff member that banned u. If the person who banned you isn't staff anymore then u should contact: https://www.cubecraft.net/conversations/add?to=AnimalTamer1 Or you can ask for staff help in the discord: https://discord.gg/cubecraft Merry Christmas!
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