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    Thanks For Wiping My Java Stats Cube ;(

    Did you get banned for cheating? If so someone could have requested to have your stats wiped.
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    Bedrock What's New & Future of Parkour.

    I can’t think of any good features for the rank. There isn’t really a lot that you can change about parkour, you can already select maps. Let me know if you can think of any good features.
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    potato output

    I'm getting flashbacks from that amount of potato's, when i had the quest where i had to get 20 or 50 poisonous potato's (i don't remember the exact number) it took me ages to get them all since i was really unlucky. When i finally had them all i had chests full of potato's.
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    What’s the story behind your username? 🎮

    What's the story behind your bedrock name?
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    I sold them lol. It was a real pain to get the cookies so now i want money.
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    Bedrock Profile picture

    I agree, it would be nice to just have one default instead of a random all the time. Sadly it will be impossible to have a custom profile picture since you can't get a png into the game.
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    This rule already exists. It's rule 1.6 and is a bannable offense. If you have video evidence you can report them.
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    Discord Mass pinging

    So recently bots started joining the Cubecraft discord server and started pinging a lot of users (see picture below for example) This can be really frustrating for people who care about pings and can also get a lot of people to leave the discord server. You currently have to verify in order to...
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    Bedrock Eggwars emerald spawners

    Yeah true but things like fireballs are just not worth it.
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    What’s the story behind your username? 🎮

    Why the 2 "k's", "0" and double "n"?
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    Java uber cubelets better loot

    I think you are just unlucky since I have gotten multiple legendary’s when opening them and I have opened less then 15.
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    skyblock signs

    I think if some reports you with video evidence of you writing that sign that you will be punished since swearing isn’t allowed.
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    Bedrock Eggwars emerald spawners

    Yeah they should add more useful items.
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    Builds Team SkyWars map: Sandcastle

    I really like the map! But for some reason it feels more like an eggwars map to me. People will also most likely camp on the back of the buckets when their team is dead. But apart from that its a really great map!
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