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    A small challenge :D

    dammnn, good job!
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    50th In the world

    Good Job!
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    Java Another Cublet thread

    I fully agree with you. The Cubelet system definitely needs a change and these are great ideas.
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    Java The server is slow

    Hey Stanley! I've been having lots of trouble playing cubecraft eggwars as well. I think that since there's been a giant increase in players recently, the servers may be getting overloaded. Of course this is just my guess but yeah, I'd love to know if there is a solution to this. 😄
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    📜 Recruitment Revamp!

    Good luck to everyone who applies!
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    Java touraments/events

    oop- I forgot that existed
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    Thank you for the follow! <3

    Thank you for the follow! <3
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    Java touraments/events

    There is an Cubecraft external community called "Cubecraft Ranked" hosted by _EliteDreamer. They have biweekly tournaments there for java. DM me on discord and I'll send you the invite 😁
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    Amigo's intro

    Your dog is so cute 🤩 Hmu on discord if you ever wanna play bedrock with me :) One addition to your post, YOU NEVER SLEEP. Nice to meet you! <3
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    Successful record attempt!

    Nice job! Congratulations!
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    Duels New Kits

    The sumo kit would definitely be a great addition. I don't know much about assassinations pvp but the long ffa kit sounds like it would be super fun to play!
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    Java Nice

    LOL, nice!
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    I think it's just a glitch. It's happened to me quite a few times and the only real solution to this is protect your egg and don't die. I agree that it's really annoying however it's hard to recreate the glitch to bug report it.
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