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    No U

    No U
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    Anything for penguin

    Anything for penguin
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    Np :)

    Np :)
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    Bedrock Add "ECO" Rank

    After reading all the threads now I'm completely agree with you and all staff this rank is kind of more than enough even it's alot. Im happy about all I got so far. we will find good solution for this ig
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    Bedrock Add "ECO" Rank

    Yes kind of but as an owner of big cc I don't even have time to play cc much but if we had all perks that would really inspire me to play cc and also promote our servers in chat second thing if we had perks they will notice us when we promote our server in chat if not they just gonna ingnore us...
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    Bedrock Add "ECO" Rank

    Finally someone make thread about this thing Im new external community memeber the events I hosted without communicating with players in game is so annoying I really wish if they add "Eco" rank this would be the best thing! +9000 xD
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    The CubeCraft Times | Edition #12

    UwU shotgun
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    Bedrock Community Feedback: Platform-Specific Games

    The only thing I'm worried about xD
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    Bedrock Too much lag!

    I was playing with max players and half of them were lagging so badly so it's not only happening with me for sure!
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    All Networks Mice

    First of all drag clicking should not be allowed in bedrock cause there's also mobile and controller players that play in bedrock and drag clicking would be unfair advantage for pc! Idk about the using multiple mice That's it
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    Skins 6 Starbound armour set skins

    That's so cool!
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    SH4YA's introduction

    Welcome to the forums nice to meet you!
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    Bedrock Too much lag!

    I seen one java thread about mineware lag issues then I also realised there's same problem on bedrock too so here's im posting this thread Lag in mineware is being so unrealistic not for mobiles also for pc and controller players start of every round make us fly and we are just hanging in the...
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