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    Resolved Discord appeal

    Thank you beautiful person!
  2. _DominikPro_

    Resolved Discord appeal

    Hello, I would like to know who punished me on cubecraft discord and for what reason, can I appeal? My user is DominikPro4252#5739, I took a long break from cubecraft and discord. My account was hacked. Thank you! https://prnt.sc/MOem-IH9IohU here is a link that shows I am banned.
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    Bedrock New gamemode

    I know someone will call me "bedwars begger" but cubecraft rly have to add bedwars as new gamemode i know that eggwars exist but bedwars would be different and more people will enjoy server
  4. _DominikPro_

    Add new gamemode

    Hello i would suggest to CubeCraft team to make a bedwars gamemode or build battle.
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