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    War - Minecraft PVP Arenas (TDM, CTF & more!)

    Version: v1.7.4 (Doolittle)

    War lets you create warzones, arenas that host team deathmatch and capture-the-flag battles.

    As a player, you get a fast-paced PVP experience in SMP.

    • Join a battle by entering through the warzone lobby. There is one gate per team (team diamond, gold or iron): step in to join that team.
    • Your inventory is saved when you join a battle, and restored when you exit.
    • When you die inside a warzone, you get instantly teleported back to your spawn, and one life is taken from your team's life pool. When that pool runs out, the other teams score a point!
    • Steal the enemy team flag to score for your team.
    • Fight over monuments, control points that, when captured, restore health to your teammates.
    • Return the cake home to score a point for your team and refill your life pool.
    • Capture the bomb and run for your enemy's spawn to blow it up. Careful! If you get attacked at close range you'll blow up.
    As a warzone maker, you have total control.

    • Take advantage cool landscape features or existing player-build structures and incorporate them in new warzones.
    • Tons of options: friendly-fire, auto-assign, turn off PVP outside warzones, define respawn loadouts specific to each zone, turn players' heads into team-colored blocks instead of giving them team-colored helmets, and more!
    War lets you keep mayhem contained in the warzones.

    • All the blocks in a zone are reset at the end of every battle.
    • Players are prevented from entering or leaving a zone - except through the designated warzone lobby - by a magic glass wall.
    • A warhub can be created to link all your zones together.
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    I like the gamemode ''Capture the flag''