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Aug 26, 2015

Hello CubeCrafters! :cube_dark:
Thank you for being patient! We apologize that our latest recruitment update brought a lot of confusion with it. We hear and read all of your feedback and comments and hope that we can address your concerns in this thread.

Why such a drastic decision?
Over the past few months, our team has been growing a lot and we are very happy to see this happen. We also noticed that a lot of our current Mods are from European time zones, who speak primarily Dutch or Spanish, together with English. Simply put, we currently have an abundance of staff members in the same time zone who speak the same languages.

Running a team and recruiting people is all about having some diversity. Not only do we want to expand in staff members who are able to assist the community in more unique time zones, but we also want to expand our knowledge within the team with new foreign languages.

How will this affect the other applicants?
We are aware that closing the applications will not bring us more applicants from our desired countries. Instead of ignoring those players, we simply decided to close the applications for them.

Please understand that the main goal of hiring staff is to fix issues we see amongst the staff team, like gaps of time not being moderated or reports in specific languages not having staff to handle them. Currently, these are the issues we are observing. It creates balance within the staff team and it will create a more cohesive work experience.

What about Bedrock?
Thanks to the community feedback, we realized that it was not a smart idea to exclude Bedrock players. This means Bedrock exclusive players will be able to apply, regardless of their nationality.

If the candidate does live in one of the excluded countries, we want them to focus on Bedrock only. They will not be allowed to take part in Java Moderation, until the Java applications reopen for their country.

If you are still unsure whether you're allowed to apply or not, you can either ask a Senior Mod or you can give it a go and apply, but keep in mind you may not get accepted.

For more information regarding the recruitment update, please read our initial post over here.

We sincerely apologize if we were a bit unclear in the beginning and hope that we were able to address your concerns. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you have them! We wish everyone who wants to apply the best of luck, and we of course hope we will be able to welcome people from the excluded countries/time zones again in the future!
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