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Ultra Hardcore- Last Surviror stuck between flame walls

Discussion in 'Bug Reports/Support' started by JoyeuxLumiere, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. JoyeuxLumiere

    JoyeuxLumiere Member

    Aug 19, 2015
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    Hi! I'm fairly new to the server, but I really love it. I signed up to the forum just so I could make a thread about this.
    I was playing Ultra Hardcore, and I got really into and was all set with iron armor and an iron sword. I have only played UHC once before, and I died quickly from the flame wall. (I didn't know they moved!) I was doing much better this time though and felt better about my chances. At the time I thought the winner was just whoever survived the longest. I didn't know there was ever supposed to be a deathmatch, because it never happened in my game. Towards the end another player asked if anyone else was there, and I answered that I was, but then they died. I'm fairly certain that was the only other player than me at that point. I thought I would be crowned the winner, but nothing happened. I guessed someone else was still there and moved on. Quite a while later I realized the walls weren't just moving, they were shrinking. It got to the point that standing near one wall, I could see the other. I figured I was supposed to wait until I was forcibly suffocated and then I would win. Quite a while later the walls closed so that they were on one block, and the flames turned blue. I didn't die, but I couldn't move from outside the walls on that one block, and I couldn't even dig or build. I just sat there for quite a while not sure what to do. I had won the game and I was really excited, but it felt like the game wasn't even keeping track. I eventually gave up and hoped I would at least keep my points from the game, I entered the leave command. I really hope this gets fixed and doesn't happen to anyone else. I took screenshots of the blue flame walls.
    screen2.png screen3.png

    I run a PC, this happened on 8-19-15 around 1:20 pm central time.

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