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Frequently asked questions

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Last updated: 20.05.2020

Translator Rank FAQ
Q: What is a Translator?
A: It is a voluntary staff role that was introduced as a gesture of recognition to the hardest working and best behaved members of the team. It’s there to drive the team toward ever greater goals, and to ensure the continuous delivery of high-quality results.

Q: If I become a member of the Translation Team, will I also receive the Translator rank?
A: No, you will not receive the rank instantly after getting accepted. After becoming a member of the team, you will need to work towards achieving the promotion by contributing to the team, proving to be a good role model to the community and having good interactions with it.

Q: What perks does the Translator rank provide?
A: A shiny Translator rank on both the Java and Bedrock network, the Forums and Discord server!

Java: Obsidian rank perks, free PLUS subscription, access to /nick.
Bedrock: Access to all CubeCraft Bundles.
Forums: The perks that come with the PLUS subscription.
Discord: The perks that come with Nitro Booster

Q: What responsibilities do the owners of the Translator role have?
Java and Bedrock:
- The responsibility to answer any questions related to translations that the members of the community may have. This includes questions related to the translation team, translator applications, the translation process of CubeCraft Games, and so on.
- The responsibility to remain active on the translation team and participate in the translation process of the two CubeCraft Editions!

- The responsibility to answer any questions related to translations that the forum community may have. The permission to lock threads after dealing with those questions or issues.
- The responsibility to monitor the forums for any good suggestions related to the translation team or translation process of the server. The permission to Escalate the suggestions they like the most!
- The responsibility to help improve or implement forum translations and the permission to edit forum threads.

- The responsibility to answer any questions related to translations in #staff-help.
- The responsibility to assist every member of the Moderation team that needs help with solving a language issue - translations of reports, appeals, communicating with a player who speaks another language, and so on. We may not currently have a Moderation team that is fluent in languages all over the world, but we have a team of translators that can help us solve this issue and avoid making mistakes while handling situations with other languages.

Q: Where can I give my feedback on a Translator? / Where can I report a Translator for violating rules?
A: You can create a thread on our staff feedback sub-forum and use the Translator prefix. The thread will be handled accordingly by the Translation Manager.

Translation Team FAQ
Q: How large is the CubeCraft Games Translation Team?
There are over 350 members in our team and over 31 languages. We need more translators for all of these languages, except Dutch. If you speak a language that is not on the list and wish to help with translations, you can still apply. We search for translators for any languages that are common on CubeCraft Games.
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Dutch - Not currently recruiting people.
Spanish - Not currently recruiting people.

Q: What translations does the Translation Team provide?
A: Currently our team provides translations for:
- Important forum threads.
- The server official rules.
- The server Helpdesk.
- The CubeCraft Discord server.
- The CubeCraft Bedrock and Java network.

Q: What happens after your application is accepted?
A: You will be invited to join our Translation Team Discord server! After you join, you will become a Trainee. Trainees learn the most important things about the workings of the team and complete a test that shows us how good their translation abilities are. If a Trainee passes the test, they become a Translator!

Translator Application FAQ
Q: How can I apply to become a member of the translation team?
You can learn more information on how to apply HERE.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive a reply to my application?
A: It can take from a few hours to 2-3 weeks, depending on the amount of applications that need to be reviewed. Just do not forget to check your application thread after submitting it.

Q: Is there an age requirement for applying?
Yes, you need to be at least 13 to be able to join our team.

Q: Can I be a translator if I only have access to one platform (Java/Bedrock)?
Yes! It is a huge bonus if you have access to both platforms since that makes you even more knowledgeable, but being knowledgeable with just one platform is completely enough. Your teammates will always be there to help you if you need help understanding/translating something from the other platform.

Q: Can I be a translator if I do not have access to Discord?
No. The main platform we use for discussing, providing translations and managing the team is Discord. Being a member of our Discord server makes you an official member of our team.

Q: Will a past punishment affect my chances of getting accepted?
It can affect your chances, but it strongly depends on the situation:

- If you are being continuously disrespectful to the community, your abilities to work in a team will be questioned.
- However, if you have proven to have learned from that mistake, your chances of getting accepted will remain unharmed. Mentioning the mistake in your application can help you with proving this.

Q: Can I write my application in a language other than English?
No. Your application is a way for the recruitment team to see how well you are able to speak English. It will help us determine whether your level of fluency is high enough to communicate with the team and translate.

Q: How long will the applications be open for?
A: They will most likely never close, unless we need to make a huge update on how people are recruited in the future.

Q: Do I need a working microphone to be able to become a translator?
No. It is a huge bonus if you have one and are able to verbally communicate, but it is not an issue if you do not have a working microphone.

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