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    Application Process Explanation
    Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the manager of the translation team - me, Elenahh.
    You will receive a private message letting you know the outcome of your application and/or asking you more questions if needed. Please do not forget to check your application thread after posting it.

    How to apply

    Follow these simple steps to submit an application.
    Step 1. Click HERE and then title your thread ''Translator Application - [Your Name]''.
    Example: Translator Application - Elenahh

    Step 2. Copy and then paste the following application format:
    1) If you're a Java player, what is your username?

    2) If you're a Bedrock player, what is your Xbox gamertag?

    3) What is your Discord name and tag?

    4) What languages are you fluent in?

    5) Introduce yourself! Tell us more about yourself and your CubeCraft experience.

    6) Why do you want to join our team?

    Step 3. Answer the questions.

    Step 4. Click the blue ''Create Thread'' button and patiently wait for a reply to your application.

    An example application thread:

    How to check your application for any new replies?
    - Click HERE. After that, you should be able to see your application(s) if you have submitted any. You are only able to see threads created by you in that sub-forum.
    - You should also receive a notification that someone has replied to your application thread. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any unread forum notifications, too!

    Need help writing your application? Seek more information about our CubeCraft Games translation team? Please read THIS thread, as well as our FAQ thread.
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