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Tips for Builder

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Efcluke94, Oct 29, 2013.

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  1. Efcluke94

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    Oct 20, 2013
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    What We Are Looking For

    • Individuality - Every person has their own build style. We want you to be as unique as possible, building structures that have never been done before. Bring new and exciting builds to the CubeCraft community.
    • Diversity - Many builders have their favourite style, however if that's the only theme you can build, then it isn't good enough. Create your own themes, use themes that have never been done, go out of your comfort zone. I want the majority of our maps to have different themes.
    • Build Style's - There are so many different aspects of building. I need new builders to be good at 'Everything'. The network has expanded to a point, I can't take on potential builders, haven't got the time. Only the best of the best. This means, you must be experienced in; organics, terrarforming, detail, block palette, patterns, scale, themes and world edit (Voxel sniper is highly recommended).
    • Social - You need to be open to use new communication apps. Also if you have a history of rubbing other community members up the wrong way, or I believe you not to be mature or if you think of yourself as the best builder ever, then you will be denied.

    What Builder's get
    • Access - You will have access to our 'build server'. You will be given your own world, we have 'Voxel Sniper', 'gobrush', 'World Edit', and lots more including some of our own custom plugins.
    • Experience - Learn new skills, tricks to become an impressive builder
    • Fame - Enjoy being noticed amongst the Minecraft community, what some builders dream of. Become a member of staff.

    What is expected of you
    Getting builder is half the battle.

    • Deadlines - We regularly have deadlines to complete, sometimes they can be very strict.
    • Active - You must get a good amount of hours, on our build server. You have to earn the rank not wear it
    • Open to criticism - I am someone who can be very critical and particular. You have to be willing to listen to suggestions, as sometimes we have to compensate towards gameplay more than asthetics, etc.

    Examples of Builders Creations

    eggwarslobby3-1 (1).png
    1sgdesert-2 (1).png
    FreebuildFinalFinal (1).png
    Halloweenhubfinal3 (2).png
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