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The new cheat detection sort of sucks

Discussion in 'Bug Reports/Support' started by FantasmaNaranjad, Oct 15, 2016.

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  1. FantasmaNaranjad

    FantasmaNaranjad Member

    Dec 16, 2015
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    literally had a team mate flying around the whole map like nothing, but i got kicked while trying to download video setup for "breaking blocks too quickly"
    i was breaking obsidian, with an iron pickaxe, at the speed of a snail
    i managed to get some pics but only that because of the horrible cheat detection
    2016-10-14_23.52.09.png 2016-10-14_23.52.13.png 2016-10-14_23.52.16.png
    and just to rub salt in the wound as soon as i try to report this my internet shuts off?, honestly what deity did i anger today?

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  2. Orangeric88

    Orangeric88 Mod Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 22, 2016
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    As for the false kicking bug, we are fully aware of that glitch. If you're trying to report someone for flying read the below:

    This is the wrong section to report players. Next time please do it here: https://www.cubecraft.net/forums/report-a-player.24/ Im sorry but the player won't be banned, Next time you may use these guidelines to help you in your next report. That can be found here: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/player-reporting-guidelines-and-formating.136047/

    When you are recording somebody hacking, you must use Video evidence of the player breaking the rules. Screenshots are not valid evidence to someone that's hacking. They could've been hit with a knock back item or photoshopped.

    Some recording softwares you may use are stated below:
    • OBS
    • Fraps
    • Bandicam
    After you record, you may upload your video evidence to a video hosting website. (eg: YouTube)

    I'm sorry to say but this player will not be banned. You would need video evidence in order for him/her to get banned.

    ~ Locked.
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