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Sep 21, 2020

The left screenshot was taken in December 2020, and the right one was 1 year later. I’m so happy how I grew up in the server, I completed so many objectives I had in it and I’m so thankful of who I am now. In addition to this I’m so grateful to all the staff members, thank you for making this wonderful and so funny server, it’s literally the best server in Bedrock Edition and it’s so much fun every time I play in it. I could write an infinite paragraph about how perfect and beautiful are the cosmetics / loot items in the server, but I’m gonna keep it as they’re amazing and so pretty and I love every single one of them.
Thanks CubeCraft staff for creating such an amazing and funny content and always innovating as much as possible! 💖
I hope everyone have an amazing day today! 💞
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