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TeamSpeak & Discord Rules!

Discussion in 'Discord' started by Exciting_pancake, Jan 21, 2015.

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  1. Exciting_pancake

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    Jul 3, 2014
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    Just like in game, TeamSpeak and our Official Discord have rules. Most of them are similar but there a few differences.

    - No racism
    - No offending others
    - No voice changers
    - No advertising
    - No harassment
    - No spam
    - No creating drama
    - No rude or offensive avatars
    - No vulgar or obscene language (kids play too!)
    - If you enter a public channel with other people, keep it the language it originally was. so if you enter a channel and they're already speaking English don't join and start speaking Dutch/Spanish and the other way around.
    - Chatting about a game is OK but asking for rank or purchase support is not allowed.
    - Please don't just @mention staff. We get a lot of notifications and this can get very annoying!
    - Don't share any personal information, this includes emails, password and transaction IDs (through you shouldn't be discussing purchases).
    - Discord and TeamSpeak are not support places. There may be no staff on at all. Again for support with purchases please read your receipt email for the email to contact, all other support requests should go to support@cubecraft.net

    If you were to break these rules and pass the line you will be faced with a kick, or even a ban (dependant upon severity)
    Rude/offensive avatars will be removed. If it was to happen more than once you will face a temp ban.
    Any creating drama between players will result in a kick, then a ban if it carries on.

    How to report a player:
    Just like in game, you can report a player on the forums with solid evidence of their offence. It also needs to be 3 times on purpose, with warnings. Tag me in it and I will deal with it appropriately. Although this may be difficult if it is spoken.
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