Spectating? Yay or Nay?

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Should there be a spectate system (If there isn't)

  1. Yes! I hate having to wait on friends to finish!

  2. No, I think its fine the way it is!

  3. I honestly don't care, either way is good for me.

  4. There IS one!

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    So I'm been playing a LOT of Eggwars. Its just such a fun game. a mixture of "Walls" and "Skywars". But I'm currently on vacation and at a place with "meh" internet. I can play to an OK extent. But sometimes the internet derps on itself and completely dies. This happened when I was playing with friends and I was sent back to the lobby. Is there any way to spectate from the lobbies or not? If so, how? If not, why isn't there a system to spectate from the lobbies yet?
  2. Moooofin

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    There's currently no system that allows you to spectate unless you're in the game itself and you die.

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