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May 29, 2015
Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Hi, I came up with the following suggestions:

-Decrease annoying quests (savannah trees 20k -> 10k; birch 10k -> 7,5k, dark oak 10k -> 7,5k; cookies 100k -> 50k

-Remove xp bottle rewards. Instead give a book of enchanting which resembles 1 lvl (could be 1->2, but also 6->7, so saving them will give you profit, also makes grinding for xp less tedious)

-Add keys to resolve the most difficult quests. They can be bought with skyblock coins. 20 million each.

-Instead of upping the spawner lvl, increase the mob drop rate. The levelling system failed. Some mobs are tedious and not worth farming. This might fix this.

-Set entity cramming maximum to 24. This allows easier witch, slime and magma cubes farms. Which now have to be dealt with by hand. (or tedious fence gates). This also reduces lag

-Add book of enchanting which can be bought with skyblock coins in the shop, depending on the level.

-Have an overview of which quests are available in the future (in skyblock menu), so you could decide on what to focus keeping in mind the unlockable quests in the future.

-Add the ability to communicate with other players and visit their islands without needing to invite someone. This allows for interaction and saves the from having to add and readd people

-Skyblock leaderboards with the most wealthy, biggest and furthest quest progression

-Add redstone at advanced quests to allow automatic farms. A lot of quests require a lot of resources which take weeks / months to complete. Using redstone makes this easier.

-Add fast travel between the biomes to travel to after they are unlocked to decrease travel time.

-Make spawners cheaper. For example a creeper costs around 40 million and is an investment that never or only after months will be repaid and is not worth it. Same goes for other spawners.

-Add a confirmation button to the shop upon buying things (this can be either toggled on / off)

-Remove knockback to bosses. They can just be placed on the corner of the island and are no fun at all.

-Add a hard mode. Which implies 2x damage after completing all quests.

-Add a hardcore mode. Dying will lose all coins, xp and inventory. This can be either toggled on or off.

-Add achievements and xp rewards upon completing quests. To increase the willingness to play skyblock. It’s so not rewarding atm. ( @Sammiee suggested this in addition to a suggestion prior to this)

-Add higher rewards to hard and hardcore mode

-Add pvp. The winner will get 10% xp and coin increase. The loser will lose 10 %

-Add rabbits and turtles. Both very cute animals. Especially during Easter

-Add villagers. Emeralds will finally become relevant again.

If there will be any overlap between other suggestions. Feel free to pm me. I'll either alternate, accredit or remove them. I made this tthread while being frustrated playing Skyblock.
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