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Skyblock Guide (for beginners)

Discussion in 'SkyBlock' started by Snap, Jun 15, 2014.

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    May 1, 2014
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    This is a guide for beginners who aren't very good at skyblock and/or are unfamiliar with the game. If you are a moderately skilled player, i wouldn't recommend reading further, unless you're nice of course =p

    The idea of skyblock is to survive; You must expand, make your island wealthier and a higher level. I am on there frequently, so i am happy to help. Just be careful not to fall =p
    1: Expand - This one is just obvious. you can't have beacons, cow farms, a house and a tree farm on the tiny island that you start on, so what can you do but expand? There are two effective ways of expanding; wood and cobble. You get a tree on the island that you start with, so get every piece of wood and make planks. Hold your sneak button and place wood around the bedrock block that remains once you have stripped the island of its dirt. The other is cobble, which can be obtained via lava and water. Note: If you mess up, don't worry; if you use a bucket on obsidian, you get lava back. Look up a cobblestone generator if you need help.

    2: Grass is valuable - When you're expanding your island, you should always keep the dirt. You will need it later!! Whether you are needing it to plant saplings and wheat, or building a farm for animals, grass costs 10 points per piece, which is equivalent to around 6000 points just for an efficient animal farm! Keep the dirt. Don't lose a single piece. You get roughly a stack and a half for cleaning your island, taking every piece of dirt.

    3: Torches - You will not be ready to face the mobs of minecraft just yet, so it's recommended that you use torches. The command /shop can be used at any time to access the in-game shop, where you can buy coal. Also, if you mess up with the tree and don't get any saplings, you can buy another from the shop, also.

    4: The shop - The shop is your best friend. /shop will save your life, whether you are buying some wood, saplings, iron or diamonds. Selling wood i have found is the most efficient points, as you get the equivalent of 2 points per log.

    5: The sneak button Tip - The default key for sneaking (crouching so you don't fall off the edge of the map) is the Shift key. However, you will be holding this key down so much during your expanding, so your little finger will probably start hurting and then you will fall >.< Here is what i do and i never have trouble: Press the Esc key and go to options. Go to controls and find the "Sneak" option. Click it and then press the Caps lock button. Your sneak button is now your Caps lock key ^-^ It may take a while to get used to, but will save your life in the long run.
    Finally, a list of useful commands:
    /is /island ~~ The basic skyblock command. This takes you to the skyblock menu.
    /Island create ~~ This command generates a new island for you, when you've just started.
    /Island reset ~~ This command deletes your world, generating a new one.
    /Shop ~~ Takes you to the shop menu
    /HUB ~~ Takes you back to the hub.