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Skyblock Changes - Shop/Lag/Points farming

Discussion in 'SkyBlock' started by Efcluke94, Jun 28, 2015.

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  1. Efcluke94

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    Oct 20, 2013
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    Most of you are angry about the shop update. I am here to explain everything. We don't change things for the fun of it, we change things because 'we' HAVE to.

    What is Skyblock?
    A lot of you have forgotten what skyblock is about. It's not about farming thousands of points, easily. Most of you already have gigantic islands, with full diamond enchanted armour and massive farms, within 2 days. And an unlimited spending budget to buy any kit you want. Then you complain to us about fairness. In my opinion Skyblock is a grindy type of game. It takes you ages to do alot in a few days without /shop.

    We originally added /shop so people could buy dirt to expand their food farms, and animal farms. Points players earnt from playing games of skywars, sg, or selling the odd few items on skyblock. However because of mistakes with the set up of shop, players have captalised on this: http://gyazo.com/e707a5566ac018f2125df57524b69f1e
    All that dirt bought from the shop, by spam selling pumpkins. With a fully enchanted diamond axe, I have watched players farm hundreds of pumpkins in minutes. There was no point even lowering the price, because I've seen so many islands that look like this. Saplings also had to be lowered in price, with the old set up, takes me a few mins to obtain 20 saplings. I sell all of them for 80/160 points, can't remember the exact amount they were sold for. I play one game of skywars, it could take 10 mins, I earn around 30 points if I am lucky. Alot of the people who now have huge amount of points, could potentially buy anything from the shop and corrupt the economy as much as the old skyblock, when it had the dupe glitch. And do daily drop parties of expensive items.

    One of the most said words on skyblock. With a new world, lots of islands are being generated, so this is one cause. The server is actually getting an upgrade in the near future so it will have a very powerful server to help support it. However, players with their massive point farms love to spam sell the shop. Anyone who says spam selling doesn't cause lag. I decided to make a video, this is the equivalent of 10 people spam selling at once. Imagine those saplings were pumpkins.

    We are not monsters who do things for the fun of it, by taking certain things away. Everything we do is for the benefit of the server. I'd rather play on a lag free, legit Skyblock, with a few people spamming me with complaints.
    Than a lag filled, unlegit, crashy monstrosity of a server. So boo freakin' hoo you can't make thousands of points anymore. You're not supposed to.
    The shop NEEDS more rework in the future.
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