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Sky block shop and party bugs

Discussion in 'Bug Reports/Support' started by bigbosshossminer, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. bigbosshossminer

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    Feb 22, 2014
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    I have recently discovered 2 bugs that have cause a lot of trouble for me
    1) The shop in skyblock can steal your items. If you do /shop, then shift click an item it will be moved into the space next to the lava bucket. If you then exit the shop without taking that item out of that spot, then it will result in the items completely disappearing. I ended up losing 40 diamonds from this, so after that i tested it with less valuable items, and they were all lost.
    2) This second one is more of a problem only happening to me. Sometimes I will go to skyblock and do /island party when I have friends who are on my island. Then when they get on they ask me if i kicked them, which I didn't, and they did not leave either. This bug has happened to me 3 times and it becomes very annoying. It is also dangerous if I have a friend with items in their inventory and they get kicked and lose them.

    MC Name: Ghost362