Simply's Simple Introduction (which no one will see)

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    So, hi I guess. I've been playing on this server for about 2.5 to 3 years now buuut I still suck at the game.
    I joined the server before the 1.9 Update, mostly to play Parkour because that was the only thing I was good at.
    So I kept playing parkour, but then *POOF*, it goes under maintenance for the next 2000000 years. And I'm sitting there, not knowing what server to play Parkour on...

    But one day, I searched for servers that support 1.9 Combat! And CubeCraft is there, on the list! I immediately hop on the server to try out the new PvP, and I was immediately a GOD (no just kidding, to this day, 2 years later, I still SUCK). I immediately get hooked to the games on CCG and start playing mostly EggWars, which I had no idea how to play then, and a lot of FreeForAll. So much that I got 10.000 kills in 2 months, but since then I have only got 4000 more.

    Well that's the story of how I re-discovered CCG. Now on to what I like playing on there. I used to be mostly a SkyWars player, after I stopped playing FFA, but now it has got to the point that I don't care about stats and stuff, and I play any game with my friends on the server.

    Most of you (5 people who read this) probably don't know me, and, don't worry, I'm nothing special honestly. I'm just a 15 year old dude from Greece who loves Metal and Rock music. Oh, and yes, I do have long hair as you can see in my Profile Picture :D

    As to my hobbies, I love Gaming, though I have got a potato PC, and I also love music! Making my own music and playing drums, guitar, bass etc.

    Well that's all you need to know about me. Hope I made a good impression through this text which you won't bother reading!
    Cause in real life, you'd hate me :D

    SimplyExplained (current IGN - iiFqvos_)
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    The text is a bit large :p
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    Welcome :)