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[SHOP] Suggestions and Feedback

Discussion in 'SkyBlock' started by Mike., May 31, 2014.

  1. Mike.

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    May 7, 2014
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    Lets face it, the shop is incredibly glitchy. I've come up with some suggestions and feedback for the shop to help improve player experience.

    First, a bug I've noticed with the shop:
    • When selling an item, the first item in your hot bar gets thrown out of your inventory. Sometimes this can be very annoying seeing that there is already inventory lag problems, combined with this bug makes it really hard to sell to the shop sometimes. I'm sure the admins are aware of this, I thought I'd mention it anyways.
    Now some suggestions:
    • Sometimes it can be quite annoying to sell items to the shop one by one by one. I think adding a feature that allows the player to sell all available items in your inventory would make it a lot easier to sell mass quantities of items. I.E - Selling saplings is a great way to get points, so to sell 64 saplings takes a while, seeing as that you have to sell one by one and add in the inventory lag issues...
    • The shop is also quite bland. What I mean is that what is available is very limited and it leaves out big aspects of Minecraft.
    a. What you can buy is very restricted. Adding more items for sale, I.E - Various building blocks, ores for a lower price that an actual ingot, would, in my opinion, make skyblock a bit more fun and interesting.

    b. The items you can sell is also very restricted. Being able to sell other items that are commonly found would make it easier to progress and get points. Now, I'm not saying to make it easy to earn points. I like the challenge and think that there should be a challenge in progression, but adding more items would give more options on what the player could choose to farm. Atm, I'm getting points through a tree farm which yields a good amount of wood and saplings for sale, but I think adding more items for sale would give more variation and less of the common core skyblock stuff.

    These are just some suggestions about my opinion on the shop in skyblock. Any feedback whatsoever, positive or negative, is appreciated.

    Thanks for reading

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