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Aug 18, 2021
Hello everyone here is my introduction 😀
My (Java)MC name is ItsHqrvey_
My first time join this server is in 2017 and in those days i'm a huge noob at 1.9 PVP since 2018 i'm try to learn how to 1.9 PVP
And now i have average experience in PVP but with laggy problems -_- i just join this forum for a while ago tho
Team Eggwars is the game i play mostly because i'm keep practicing my eggwars tryhard skills not even eggwars also skywars tryhard skills
I also have a youtube channel but it is dead🤣
Unfortunately i'm lonely in every team game anyway,it is very enjoyable for playing cubecraft
I will leave minecraft when my school,test and exam begin

Let's talk about myself
Reading books is one of my favourite hobbies
Design and Applied Technology is my favourite subject
I'm glad that i'm a graphic designer in the future
I'm very like to designing thumbnails i also design the ItsTeam cape but i didn't donate the optfine 😂
About video games:Not only minecraft, also League of Legend,Fortnite,Grand Theft Auto V,but i don't play Rocket League😭
About my lifestyle:Not only playing video games,also basketball ping pong.

Follow me if you want because i would appreciate it ❤
You can welcome me on forum because i'm a new member 🙃

Besides,why don't you check out my youtube channel if you are never heard me 🤔😊
Thank you for reading the thread i will appreciate it 🙂
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