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Coding Select the Best iPhone Application


Jan 3, 2014
The scenario is so overwhelming, it is now almost impossible to pinpoint what the best iphone applications are. In fact, there are different categories of app. like Games, Video & Music, Utilities, Fun etc.
There can be no doubt that Iphone is a fabulous gadget and it is today unsurprisingly dominating the smart phone world. The fact remains that buyers are flocking to own one - despite the exorbitant price. Countless iphone applications are being released on apple store though not all of them are imaginative, user-friendly and cost effective.
Besides, for the iPhone, Apple has opened up the market to allow third-party developers to create applications to add functionality and fun to their fast-selling gadget. The only condition is that all applications must be approved by Apple and they can only be sold on the companys App Store. Thus, there has been a virtual explosion of apps ranging from some downright silly ones to some extraordinarily brilliant ones.
The scenario is so overwhelming, it is now almost impossible to pinpoint what the best internet phone applications are. In fact, there are different categories of apps like Games, Video & Music, Utilities, Fun etc and the choice of apps largely depends on user needs and preferences. For the purposes of this article, it is appropriate that we talk of the best iphone apps for business.
2Do - This is a user-friendly task management and to do list app that faithfully does exactly what it states on the tin. The user-interface is impeccable and the latest version reportedly supports synchronization with Outlook, Mac, and Toodledo.
Evernote - This app is your perfect choice if you are fond of taking notes in different forms and types and need a bit of help with organizing and searching your notes. The chief advantage of Evernote is its simple presentation and organization of notes, images, websites, text, video, etc.
Dropbox - If you are desirous of accessing all your important


Jan 3, 2014
Crazy Land
I like Dropbox because I use it to store my photos when my iPhone has broken and I need to replace it at the apple store which has happened twice... Also the apple icloud doesn't give me enough storage and I think I got some Dropbox storage free with my laptop or something like that. Also, I can open files that I need for school and save them onto Dropbox on my iPhone.


Oct 20, 2013
Vio... It's a great voice app, you can even make songs with it if you try hard... I love it, it's like favorite app right now. If I try hard I might make some songs.
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