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Jan 30, 2014
🤗 We want to help artists

We want to support more creative work by offering our services in publishing your content, you will have the majority revenue share as a ‘Creator’ whereas we will have a minor revenue share as a ‘Publisher’.

If you are working on a texture pack that is 80%-100% complete then please submit your work to us and get in contact with us!

🤔 What we can do for you

We have already worked with the talented artist Mizuno, publishing their pack on the Minecraft Marketplace.
  • QA team - Ready to test any updates with your content.
  • Exclusive server partner - As one of the few featured servers we can promote your content in game!
  • Creative team - We can help with renders, key arts, logos, marketing, trailers etc
  • Translation - Only speak one language? No problem! We have an excellent team of bilingual people who can help assist with the process.
  • Admin - Paperwork can become annoying and boring, we handle it all!
  • Opportunity - We can work with you to create a mash-up pack providing high quality builds, skins, models and game design.
Mizuno Craft released: 14th April 2020 - 1200+ ratings

📋 Requirements

  • Resource pack submissions contain unique textures, but may also optionally contain UI changes, music, and sound effects.
  • Standalone resource packs, as well as resource packs included in mash-ups, must be original creations and not modified default Minecraft content. They must be a total texture conversion, replacing all Minecraft blocks, items, and entity textures.
  • Resource packs must convey the general idea of the Minecraft objects they are representing. As they are usable outside of that specific Minecraft world, this also includes resource packs included in mash-ups.
    • For example, a resource pack might change a pig to a boar or a barrel to a crate, but should not change them to a mobile phone or a dinosaur.
Apply here and good luck! 💙
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